Meeting Agenda 9-14-12

Agenda for September 14, 2012 meeting
12-1 PM – Simpson Library MakerSpace

I. Status of Digital Learning Proposal

II. Issues raised by DLP and Cabinet Questions
     a. Further prioritization of DLP Proposals beyond Digital Knowledge Center, as needed
     b. Grants to apply for & grant consultants

III. Library and space for DKC (Rosemary)

IV. Issues raised at last meeting
     a. Process for funding and maintenance of discipline-specific software (Justin)
     b. (Justin)
     c. Permissions for UMWBlogs to use UMWBlogs for Distance Learning (Jim)
     d. Room scheduling software
     e. Living/learning space for digital studies students

V. Other items to discuss if time (at next meeting if not this one)
     a. Status of Digital Archives/Digital Repository (Rosemary)
     b. Advertising/promoting Tech on campus — Subjects for Andy Rush style videos about Makerspace? ITCC? Domain of One’s Own?
     c. Online presence for committee

VI. Future meetings
     a. Friday, Sept. 28, 12-1 PM
     b. Discussion of meeting dates after that

VII. Other business?

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