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Meeting Agenda 10-18-12

I. Announcements a. Update on Jeff’s meeting with Regina Carlson II. Discussion to of Jeff’s Friday DLP meeting with President, Provost, and Development III. CIO at UMW a)  Discuss (and finalize) tasks/goals for interim person b)  Review job description and goals for search for CIO           i. Discuss role of CIO at UMW; qualities important in CIO IV. Future meetings a. Thursday, October 25, 12:30-1:30 PM b. A regular meeting time i. Going forward, Thursdays, every two weeks, at least for this semester? V. Other business? … [Read more...]

Meeting Minutes 10-11-12

President’s Advisory Committee on Technology Meeting Notes for October 11, 2012 Submitted by Mara Scanlon Present: Rosemary Arneson, Leanna Giancarlo, Steve Greenlaw on speakerphone, Kimberly Kinsley, Jeff McClurken, George Meadows, Mara Scanlon Guest: Rick Pearce, UMW Chief Financial Officer The meeting convened with acknowledgement that PTAC will need a new representative from IT because of Justin Webb’s pending resignation.  Rick Pearce suggested that we ask Justin to nominate someone; following the meeting, Jeff conveyed that Justin had suggested that Jerry Slezak join PTAC. Jeff brought the committee up to date on developments from his meeting with the President’s Cabinet to discuss the Digital Learning Initiative.  President Hurley, Provost Ian Newbould, and Torre Meringolo from development hope to pitch a brief version of the DLP for a Mellon Grant.  Jeff will meet with Torre next week, and Torre will join PTAC for a meeting as well to work on abbreviating and framing the … [Read more...]