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Meeting Minutes 11-09-12

PTAC Meeting notes November 9, 2012 President’s Technology Advisory Council Meeting Notes for November 9, 2012 Submitted by Leanna Giancarlo Present:Rosemary Arneson, Leanna Giancarlo, Steve Greenlaw, Jim Groom, Mary Kayler, Kimberly Kinsley, and Jeff McClurken Jeff shared the news that the Digital Studies minor has been approved by the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee and will move forward to the CAS Faculty Senate.  Hall Cheshire will be sitting in some PTAC meetings in his new role as interim deputy CIO.  Jerry Slezak will continue as a member of this council.  Rick Pearce has updated Jeff that there are 2 candidates from the Registry who will be coming to campus to interview for the interim CIO position. … [Read more...]

Meeting Agenda 11-9-12

1. Announcements a. Digital Studies Minor update 2. Discussion of President’s funding of part of the Digital Learning Proposal a. Domain of One’s Own i.     Discussion of funding and implementation ii.     E-Portfolio section -- Working with Fred Pierce b. OLI i.     How would this play out in terms of funding OLI?  What funds are needed? c. Role of PTAC in the discussion and implementation? d. What happens to other parts of the DLP and how should we proceed with them? i.     Minor/digital pedagogy group, Digital Repository/Archives, ThinkLab/MakerSpace, Digital Knowledge Center 3. Mellon précis             a. What should be included and/or emphasized in the brief?4. Meeting with Regina Carlson – Nov. 29 5. Future meetings a. Friday, Nov. 16, 12-1 pm b. Thursday, Nov. 29, 12:30-1:30 pm 6. Other business? … [Read more...]

Meeting Minutes 10-18-12 & 10-25-12

Submitted by Mara Scanlon  October 18  Present: Rosemary Arneson, Leanna Giancarlo, Steve Greenlaw on speakerphone, Kimberly Kinsley, Jeff McClurken, Mara Scanlon, Jerry Slezak, Jim Groom, Mary Kaylor October 25 Present: Jim Groom, Jerry Slezak, Jeff McClurken, Kimberly Kinsley, Mara Scanlon, George Meadows, Leanna Giancarlo Jeff shared the news that the Digital Studies minor, which was not submitted by PTAC but is aligned with the committee’s goals, has been turned down by the University Curriculum Committee.  Jeff will seek further information. … [Read more...]