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Meeting Notes for February 7, 2013

Submitted by Leanna Giancarlo  Present: Rosemary Arneson, Hall Cheshire, Leanna Giancarlo, Steve Greenlaw, Jim Groom, Kimberly Kinsley, Jeff McClurken, George Meadows, Fred Pierce, Jerry Slezak After welcoming new members to the council (Hall Cheshire, interim CIO, Fred Pierce, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management Services, and Erik Nosar, student representative appointed by SGA and unable to attend today), Jeff announced that the Digital Studies minor has passed the University Curriculum Committee.   President Hurley is pleased with PTAC’s fall progress report.  He would like Jeff to facilitate a meeting with Admissions and University Relations to hear from Jim and Steve about the on-line learning initiative and the Domain of One’s Own.  The President will also be present at this gathering on February 21st from 10 – 11 am.  He is in support of digital initiatives and wants PTAC to have a role like an advisory board in campus-wide IT purchases.  Hall discussed how purchases … [Read more...]

Agenda for February 7, 2013 Meeting

President’s Technology Advisory Council 2-3 PM – Simpson Library MakerSpace Announcements Welcoming new (or new-ish) members (Erik Nosar, Hall Cheshire, Fred Pierce) Update on Jeff’s meeting with President Hurley Grant Writing and PTAC CIO search update Discussion Potential uses of PTAC funding (~$25,000) Mellon précis Conveying significance of DoOO and OLI to Admissions & University Relations Future meetings February 28, 11-12 (?) Future topics PTAC as advisory board on campus tech systems and software purchases Digital Knowledge Center discussions Other business? … [Read more...]