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Meeting Notes for September 13, 2013

President’s Technology Advisory Council 1:30-2:30 PM – Simpson Library Think Lab Submitted by Jerry Slezak Present:  Rosemary Arneson, Leanna Giancarlo, Steve Greenlaw, Jim Groom, Mary Kayler, Shelley Keith, Kim Kinsley, Jeff McClurken (chair), George Meadows, Erik Nosar, Jerry Slezak, Matt Troutman, Zack Whalen. First item of business was to elect a PTAC Secretary for 2013-14.  Jerry Slezak volunteered to cover the fall semester meetings.  We will revisit for a spring secretary in January. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND UPDATES The 2013-14 council members introduced themselves to each other. Digital Knowledge Center/Convergence Center:  Jeff met with President Hurley about the Digital Knowledge Center – the president is supportive of this effort and has asked the Provost, Jonathan Levin to move this forward.  Jeff is creating some more detailed plans to share with Jonathan to give him a better understanding of concept and needs.  The main push now is to understand what role the Digital … [Read more...]

Agenda for September 13, 2013 Meeting

President’s Technology Advisory Council 1:30-2:30 PM – Simpson Library MakerSpace Volunteer for PTAC Secretary for 2013-2014 Announcements & Updates Introductions – new members Digital Knowledge Center Convergence Center Enterprise Scheduling Task Force Support Re-allocation Task Force report CIO position update Discussion Subcommittee on IT Projects i.     Role of PTAC in Apogee (Residential Network) contract discussions? Topics for this meeting, semester, year – What should we be talking about? i.     PTAC Innovation Funds – Opening up process to community? ii.     Survey of student technology usage on campus (perhaps in conjunction with other units on campus)?  [Ithaka S+R] iii.     Faculty purchases of software using school money (Department, IT, other units) – who approves, who owns, who maintains, who upgrades?  And is there a better system?  (Mary & Jerry) iv.     Computer Replacements (Jerry & many others) v.     Developing policies on … [Read more...]