Meeting Notes for October 11, 2013

President’s Technology Advisory Council
2:00-3:00 PM – Simpson Library Think Lab
Submitted by Jerry Slezak

Present:  Rosemary Arneson, Leanna Giancarlo, Steve Greenlaw, Jim Groom, Mary Kayler, Kim Kinsley, Jeff McClurken (chair), George Meadows, Erik Nosar, Jerry Slezak, Matt Troutman.


  • The IT Projects Subcommittee of the PTAC will have their first meeting in early November.  The group is tasked with reviewing the IT Project portfolio and reporting back issues or concerns to the full PTAC.  Initial convener for the subcommittee will be Matt.
  • IT Convergence Center project is moving forward – furniture selection occurred this week – final review of furnishings is in progress.  Discussions  on position descriptions, staffing, services offered and responsible parties for those services are ongoing with the building committee.
  • JMU is hosting its 10th Teaching and Learning with Technology conference on October 21st. Free. Register online at
  • UMW’s Domain of One’s Own Faculty Initiative was one of five featured live video-streamed sessions at the referred 2013 International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) conference in Raleigh, N.C. on Oct. 3, 2013. UMW presentation participants included Mary Kayler, Andrea Livi Smith, Andy Rush and Tim Owens.
  • Minding the Future (Monday, October 14 – Jepson Alumni Center) will be held to cultivate dialogue around the pressures on higher education nationally in the face of rising costs, emerging technologies, the world of online learning, and the rhetoric of institutional redundancy.  OpenVA (Tuesday, October 15 – Stafford Campus) will bring together teams of higher education stakeholders from across Virginia to collectively investigate the exciting topic of open and digital learning resources (ODLR) in education.


PTAC Innovation Funds – Jeff began with the question,  “Should we make this funding available to the wider university community?”  A wide-ranging discussion followed – some ideas presented included:

  • The process of opening the money and creating an award process, getting applicants and making awards can take a long time.
  • Do we want to possibly use all the money for one large PTAC sponsored project – possibly focused on building competencies in media production and a community of support that could be helpful when the ITCC opens?
  • Maybe several smaller projects like innovation grants, entrepreneurial “kiva-like” loans or micro-grants, or funded independent study opportunities.
  • Funding for a student group around media development
  • Faculty development around media production
  • A combination of these

The committee initially voted to use all the funding on a single project, but after additional discussion, decided to first see a proposal of a large PTAC project authored by Jim, Mary and Rosemary.  Jeff asked that the proposal define why the project is a need that is not being met by other organizations on campus.

The draft proposal will be created soon, and the committee will discuss it via email.  Once discussion is complete, the committee will decide to use all funding on this project, partially fund the project and use part of the PTAC funding for alternate initiatives, or not fund the large project.  If approved, Jeff will present the proposal to President Hurley for final approval.

Survey of Student Technology Use On Campus – a very brief discussion on this determined that Steve Greenlaw would lead a sub-group to explore this further.  The sub-group includes Mary, Rosemary, and Erik.

If any other committee members are interested in serving on this sub-group, please contact Jeff.

Computer Replacements – this discussion was deferred to a future meeting.

Next meeting is Friday, November 15 from 2 – 3 PM.

Possible meeting on Friday, December 13.

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