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Meeting Notes for November 15th, 2013

Download PTAC Meeting Notes 11-15-13 President’s Technology Advisory Council Meeting Notes for Friday, November 15, 2013 2:00-3:00 PM – Simpson Library Think Lab Submitted by Jerry Slezak Present:  Leanna Giancarlo, Jim Groom, Mary Kayler, Shelley Keith, Jeff McClurken (chair), George Meadows, Erik Nosar, Andy Rush, Jerry Slezak, Matt Troutman, Zach Whalen. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND UPDATES: Enterprise Scheduling Task Force – EMS Demo being scheduled – UMW community will be invited to attend ITCC – AV Vendor has been selected and should be announced soon. BRIEF REPORTS (AND DISCUSSION): PTAC IT Project subcommittee The subcommittee had their first meeting to review the IT Projects list. Matt wondered who would be best to run this meeting – an IT representative or a member of the subcommittee – further investigation of this question should continue. Regular meeting is first Wednesday of each month – next meeting of subcommittee is December 4th. The committee … [Read more...]

Agenda for November 15, 2013 Meeting

Download the PTAC Agenda for the 11-15-13 Meeting President’s Technology Advisory Council Agenda for Friday, November 15, 2013 Meeting 2-3 PM – Simpson Library ThinkLab I. Announcements & Updates Scheduling Task Force Others? II. Brief reports (and discussion) PTAC IT Project Subcommittee i.     See attached notes from M. Troutman Survey of student technology usage on campus i.     Update from sub-group led by S. Greenlaw III. Discussion topics Developing a process for opening up PTAC Innovation funds to UMW Community i.     Defining application process, scope, timeline, deadlines, criteria for selection ii.     Subcomittee? Proposal for UMW [Digital] Media Initiative i.     See attached proposal from A. Rush, M. Kayler, and R. Arenson Computer Replacements (if time) i.     What is a reasonable term of replacement? IV.  Future meetings 2-3 PM, Friday, December 13, 2013 V. Other business? … [Read more...]