Agenda for November 15, 2013 Meeting

Download the PTAC Agenda for the 11-15-13 Meeting
President’s Technology Advisory Council
Agenda for Friday, November 15, 2013 Meeting
2-3 PM – Simpson Library ThinkLab

I. Announcements & Updates

  • Scheduling Task Force
  • Others?

II. Brief reports (and discussion)

  • PTAC IT Project Subcommittee

i.     See attached notes from M. Troutman

  • Survey of student technology usage on campus

i.     Update from sub-group led by S. Greenlaw

III. Discussion topics

  • Developing a process for opening up PTAC Innovation funds to UMW Community

i.     Defining application process, scope, timeline, deadlines, criteria for selection

ii.     Subcomittee?

  • Proposal for UMW [Digital] Media Initiative

i.     See attached proposal from A. Rush, M. Kayler, and R. Arenson

  • Computer Replacements (if time)

i.     What is a reasonable term of replacement?

IV.  Future meetings

  • 2-3 PM, Friday, December 13, 2013

V. Other business?

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