Meeting Notes for November 15th, 2013

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President’s Technology Advisory Council
Meeting Notes for Friday, November 15, 2013
2:00-3:00 PM – Simpson Library Think Lab
Submitted by Jerry Slezak

Present:  Leanna Giancarlo, Jim Groom, Mary Kayler, Shelley Keith, Jeff McClurken (chair), George Meadows, Erik Nosar, Andy Rush, Jerry Slezak, Matt Troutman, Zach Whalen.


  • Enterprise Scheduling Task Force – EMS Demo being scheduled – UMW community will be invited to attend
  • ITCC – AV Vendor has been selected and should be announced soon.

PTAC IT Project subcommittee

  • The subcommittee had their first meeting to review the IT Projects list.
  • Matt wondered who would be best to run this meeting – an IT representative or a member of the subcommittee – further investigation of this question should continue.
  • Regular meeting is first Wednesday of each month – next meeting of subcommittee is December 4th.
  • The committee believes there will be items of importance to bring back to the committee as this process continues.

Survey of Student Technology Use

  • No update at this meeting.

Developing process for opening up of PTAC innovation funds to UMW Community

  • Jeff had a conversation with President Hurley about the $25,000 PTAC innovation fund, and the President recommended those funds be open and available for use by the UMW Community vs. the PTAC choosing to develop and fund an “internal” project.
  • Discussion followed in how to open up the funds.
    • How would someone get an idea to the PTAC?  Jim and Shelly volunteered to help develop an online application form.
    • PTAC hopes to have an announcement of the innovation funds and application procedure out by end of fall semester with proposals back to the PTAC for review by the first week of spring semester.  PTAC could review proposals and make funding awards at first PTAC meeting in January.
    • There was discussion on different types of awards and award amounts.  We also discussed how we might tie this into the Convergence Center, or use the funds for “incubator” projects.  We decided to allow applications for any amount between $500 and $25,000.
    • We thought the deliverable should be some sort of reflection piece.
    • We though about presenting some ideas that might be good to jog the thoughts of the community when making an application.
    • PTAC members can submit proposals, but would not be able to comment or vote on their own proposal.

Proposal for UMW (Digital) Media Initiative

  • The committee discussed the Digital Media Initiative proposal submitted to the committee by Mary Kayler, Andy Rush, and Rosemary Arneson.
  • The group discussed the merits of digital media vs. material media with respect to the proposal, and if there were sufficient opportunities for all UMW Staff to participate.
  • The group felt the proposal was strong and a motion was made to take it to the President requesting funding separate from the PTAC innovation funds.  Motion passed.

Computer Replacements

  • This discussion was tabled due to time constraints.  Jerry will gather “the numbers” on this and provide it to PTAC before our next meeting prior to discussion.

Next meeting:  2 – 3 PM on Friday, December 13.

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