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Meeting Notes for September 10, 2014

Submitted by Leanna Giancarlo Present: Rosemary Arneson, Hall Cheshire, Leanna Giancarlo, Steve Greenlaw, Jim Groom (chair), Mary Kayler, Shelley Keith, Jeff McClurken, Ciara Peacock, Jerry Slezak, Zach Whalen Jim Groom started our first meeting of the academic year with introductions of our newest member: Ciara Peacock is the student government representative. George Meadows will continue to represent COE and Megan Petter will be joining the group from Student Services. COB will appoint a new member. Jim reviewed the role of PTAC as an advisory committee, established to advise President Hurley rather than formulate policy. As such, the group will bring ideas and suggestions that are opportunities for targeted investments to the President with regard to technology on campus (like the Domain of One’s Own). PTAC also brings forward issues in our representative areas. Jeff McClurken reminded the group and informed the new members that this advisory committee developed out of the … [Read more...]