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Meeting notes for January 28, 2015

Notes taken by Jerry Slezak Present: Rosemary Arneson, Jeff McClurken, Hall Cheshire, Jerry Slezak, Leanna Giancarlo, Mary Kaylor, Shelley Keith, Zach Whalen, Megan Petter, Ciara Peacock, Jim Groom (chair). Debra Schleef (guest). Notes on Jim’s visit with President Hurley: President thanked Jim for his presentation and recommendation on providing regular funding for Primary Computer replacements. President Hurley said he was aware of the problem. o   The group discussed this issue, and determined that we have presented our advice to the president on this issue. We hope some funding can be moved in this direction in the near future. The PTAC will continue to monitor this issue. Notes on Student Technology Survey Debra Schleef attended this meeting to speak on the progress with the Student Technology Survey: o   Committee got to take a look at the survey – opinions were positive. o   IRB Application is in progress o   Debra asked the PTAC for permission to … [Read more...]