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About the Office of Events and Conferencing


The Office of Events and Conferencing promotes the brand of the University of Mary Washington, and extends its overall mission of service, by treating various constituencies and individuals— both public and university-related— as clients, who are entitled to the office’s resources, energy, and professionalism in connection with planning and pursuing presentations that require one-stop management, facilitation, and completion.

What we do

The Office of Events plays two major roles at the University of  Mary Washington (UMW).

Planning Presidential and Major Institutional Events

The Office of Events coordinates logistics for all Presidential Events including inaugurations and
presidential addresses.  It also manages the three major institutional events at UMW; Family
Weekend, the William B. Crawley Great Lives Lecture Series, and Commencement.

Providing Consultation Services for University and Community Events

The Office of Events & Conferencing also provides free consultation services for internal and external groups planning to host an event at the University.


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