Welcome to the University of Mary Washington’s Master Plan Webpage!  The Master Plan Steering Committee has been working to develop a Campus Master Plan that will maintain the historical and architectural integrity and beauty of the campus, while addressing the expectations of current and future students, faculty and staff.  It is important to remember the Master Plan is an ongoing process; as the University’s needs change so will this document.

In 2011, the Master Plan Steering Committee presented a Draft Master Plan to the University Community which was open for comments and feedback.  The feedback given initiated the creation of the UMW Preservation Plan which rates each building on factors such as its architectural integrity, setting or location, historical significance, and its connection to the University Community.  The UMW Preservation Plan contributed to the selection of the Chandler site as a suitable location for the Student Center and will continue to be used in the future to help guide major decisions for facilities on campus.

We hope that you take the time to look over the Proposed Master Plan and the Preservation Plan.  A hard copy of the Master Plan may be found in Simpson Library as well as in the Office of Administration and Finance (George Washington Hall, Room 105).