Master Plan – Recommendations

One of the features of a master planning process is that it examines the functionalities of the campus on a variety of levels. Are there enough classrooms and labs? How can the historical attributes of the campus be enhanced? Can the dining halls accommodate the number of students, faculty, and staff that need to be fed? Is parking adequate and are parking facilities in the right places? What is the condition of the residence halls and is renovation feasible to bring them up to current ADA standards? Can green space be improved?

The Master Plan Committee examined the various functionalities of the University and agreed upon areas that should be addressed within the Master Plan.  The proposed Master Plan recommends 12 projects that are considered transformational to the University.  We have highlighted a few of the recommendations below.

  • HOUSING – There is a recognized need that several housing facilities require renovation.  The Master Plan has noted those facilities and allowed for an orderly and timely schedule for renovations to take place.
  • ACADEMIC SPACE – Academic Space is currently at a premium and additional space will be needed in the future.  Suggested in the Master Plan is an addition to the Jepson Science Center in conjunction with the new Information Technologies Convergence Center as well as the renovations that will start in late spring at Woodard and Mercer Halls for the College of Business and Department of Psychology.
  • PARKING – As the University continues to grow, so will the need for additional parking spaces.  The Proposed Plan notes that a new parking deck can be added on site of the Powhatan/Thornton/Pizza Hut Parking lot. This will also allow for the option to add a centralized police station in that area of campus.
  • STAFFORD CAMPUS – When the need arises, a location for a third building at the Stafford Campus has been selected.  The location will allow for easy movement between the other two facilities already in place.