Monday, July 16

Later this week, the Board of Visitors will convene for its annual planning retreat in Williamsburg.  The retreat will open with an orientation session for new Board members. This will be followed by a joint meeting with the UMW Foundation Board, which will be holding its annual retreat at the same location.  The remainder of the agenda will include sessions on strategic vision, academics, marketing efforts, finance, and fund raising.  The retreat will conclude with closed sessions for presidential goal-setting and annual appraisal, followed by the election of Board officers.  The full agenda may be accessed at:

On Tuesday, July 17 the Higher Education Advisory Committee (HEAC) will meet at the Patrick Henry Building in Richmond.  As a member of this body, I will be participating in the meeting.  The agenda includes a review and discussion of performance measures, a presentation on defining financial aid, and a presentation on ODU’s work study initiative.