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  1. Rick Pearce says:

    Anika Wilson, with the help of Curtis, Pam, Anna, Erika and others did a fantastic job on this website. Thank you!

  2. Annoyed Student says:

    Whyyyyyy are you tearing down so many buildings? It would be so much easier to just renovate these them instead of tearing them all down. Chandler is pretty old, and psychology is a pretty big major at this school, why are you forcing all the psyc majors into the trailers when Chandler is perfectly fine? What the heck is up with the Student Center anyway? We already have Lee Hall and the Nest. And what the heck is a Convergence Center? You are making people scared to walk around the detour that has very few emergency buttons at night. And hardly anyone knows what that building is for.

    I like this as a small school and you are ruining it. And increasing tuition for things that I know a lot of other students do not want. You people are just out to make money and I hate it. I know it’s too late to change your “Master Plan” but I do want you to feel bad about this. And cutting all these programs is stupid too.

  3. Isun Malekghassemi says:

    First of all, your passive voice is driving me nuts. “A further [blahblah] study is recommended”? Cool. So get that done and then get back to us. Second, “The building does not meet current ADA standards for directional signage” for Pollard (I’m a music major, so sue me)? The building this, the building that. “The building” cannot control these things. It isn’t as though you have given “the buildings” a list of things to-do and “the building” is shirking its responsibility as a building. Hint: It’s a building.

    Third, what is the usefulness of putting the Theater, Dance, and Music departments into one building? I’m curious about what that is intended to accomplish. Having all the performing arts in one place could be nice… or easier for you to control… I wonder.

    Fourth, your lust (I was going to say something much more scandalous, I assure you) for the sciences is showing. Jepson’s “overall building rating” is a .07. In case you didn’t realize, that means that It is one of the top five buildings, according to your scale. Why not fix the buildings you intend to keep, and then make space and money to improve one of your best buildings?

    Fifth, it is very frustrating as a student at a liberal arts institution to hear rumors about the cutting of departments that seem relatively important to that idea of a well-rounded education. Music, for example. Or, I don’t know, Foreign Languages. And for what? How dare you purposefully weaken departments so that they fail sooner. You are creating reasons to cut things.

    This is a school. University of Mary Washington. A place where students can receive a LIBERAL ARTS education. Please run it like a school. We don’t need the administration to be our friends holding puppies and getting dunked into water tanks, we need them (YOU) to be our advocates.

  4. Isun Malekghassemi says:

    I expect a response to my questions and points.

  5. Can the Master Plan be provided in a different format? Like a PDF? It’s hard to read it in the program online or search for items of interest.

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