Scheduling System Task Force

Committee Charge
The Scheduling System Task Force is charged with determining the best and most comprehensive approach to solving the scheduling needs of University units. The Task Force will focus on meeting the academic and non-academic needs of students and advancing the quality and stature of Mary Washington. At the conclusion of their work, the Task Force will provide a report on the impact and implementation of the system, to include estimates of total project cost and time.

Committee Membership
The committee consists of the following members:

  • Hall B. Cheshire, Acting Chief Information Officer
  • Rita F. Dunston, Registrar
  • Megan L. Higginbotham, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Engagement
  • Louis A. Martinette, Associate Professor
  • Jeffrey W. McClurken, Professor and Co-Chair
  • George R. Meadows, Professor
  • Keith E. Mellinger, Associate Professor, CAS and Interim Director of Academic and Career Services
  • John T. Morello, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Christine M. Porter, Director of Residence Life and Commuter Students
  • Debra J. Schleef, Chair/Professor
  • Juliette L. Landphair, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Gerald Slezak, Director of IT Support Services
  • M. Gregg Stull, Chair/Professor
  • Linda R. Thornton, Associate Director of Business System Analysis
  • Martin A. Wilder, Chief of Staff and Co-Chair
  • Mathew C. Wilkerson, Director of Institutional Research
  • Susan B. Worrell, Special Assistant to the President for University Events


August 6, 2013
August 26, 2013
September 9, 2013
September 23, 2013
October 7, 2013
October 21, 2013
November 4, 2013
November 18, 2013
December 2, 2013
December 16, 3013
February 10, 2014
February 17, 2014
March 17, 2014